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Study Finds Working Moms Multi-Task More. Duh.

As every working mother I know would say, in unison: “You needed a study for this???”

But yes, new research, published in the December 1 issue of American Sociological Review and titled “Revisiting the Gender Gap in Time-Use Patterns: Multitasking and Well-Being Among Mothers and Fathers in Dual-Earner Families,” has found that moms with jobs outside the home do more juggling than dads.

This morning, as I was making my kids’ lunches, fixing the typos in our blog’s daily roundup, imagining the choreography I’ve promised for a family opera I’m performing in, taking pictures of my kindergartner’s pajama day at school and preparing to talk about sexual anorexia on the radio later today, I thought my brain might explode. Continue reading