Don’t-Miss Video: Hilariously Pathetic Work By Our Illustrious WBUR Colleagues

Hard to say which is worse: Fund-raising pleas right when you want to hear the news, or the otherwise-ever-superlative Robin Young trying to sing “Where have all the flowers gone?” when she doesn’t quite remember the guitar chords.

One thing’s for sure: this little 2-minute video is a whole lot more fun than the usual on-air begging — and you get to see:

•Beloved morning voice Bob Oakes turned panhandler, reading news on the street.
•Otherwise indomitable Radio Boston co-host Meghna Chakrabarti failing miserably as a garage flagger.
•Uber-reporter David Boeri with possibly the worst moustache and worst Boston accent ever recorded.
•”Here and Now” host Robin Young, being told to keep her day job (for good reason).

• And in a brilliant cameo — did I say merely brilliant? I meant to say, “possibly the best cameo in the history of YouTube” — our very real bean-counting WBUR boss, Charles Kravetz, who seems to be not just counting the beans but eating them coated in chocolate.