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Coming Soon: The Magic Pill, A Daily Dose (By Podcast) Of Get Up And Go

Co-hosts Dr. Eddie Phillips and CommonHealth's Carey Goldberg record The Magic Pill in a WBUR studio. Photo: Robin Lubbock)

Co-hosts Dr. Eddie Phillips of Harvard Medical School and CommonHealth’s Carey Goldberg record The Magic Pill. (Photo: Robin Lubbock)

Dear reader,

Your presence on this page suggests that you’re interested in health. So perhaps you’d be interested to know that WBUR is about to launch a short, lively podcast aimed at helping you do just about the very best thing you can do for your health: Move more. (The experts tell us not to use turn-off terms like “exercise” and “work out.” It’s not supposed to be work. It’s supposed to be fun and feel good.)

We’re calling it “The Magic Pill,” because exercise (Oops. I mean, physical activity…) is the closest thing we have to a magic pill for our health. If you’ve read some of our scores of “Why To Exercise Today” posts over the years, you probably already have that impression.

The Magic Pill will be a 21-day challenge, uplifting you every day for three weeks this fall with compelling stories, fascinating facts and gotta-move music — all in a “micro-podcast” of under 10 minutes. What better boost to help you start your day?

As a CommonHealth reader and public radio fan, you can help — we hope — in two ways:

• Sign up now for The Magic Pill — by clicking here. The 21-day challenge won’t begin until Sept. 1, so it won’t hinder any summer slacking.

• As we produce the podcast, we’ll be looking for stories from people who exemplify certain themes. For example, how does exercise affect your mood? Have you “fallen off the wagon,” and how did you get back on? Did you undergo a “conversion experience” to exercise or just make small, gradual changes? If you’d be interested in receiving our questions once a week or so and possibly sharing your story, please post a note in the comments below. Or if you’d like to nominate someone else as a fitness inspiration, please click here. And thanks!  

Lend Us Your Voice? Inspire Someone Else With Your Own Fitness Wisdom


Dear friends — Last week, we asked you to nominate people who inspire you, fitness-wise. (It’s not too late! Do it here.) Now, we’re asking you, yourself, to become a fitness inspiration for others. (Yes, even if your deltoid definition still leaves something to be desired.)

Why all these asks? We’re working on a podcast that aims to apply the power tools of public radio — solid information, great storytelling and sound — to fitness. You know the umpteen “Why To Exercise Today” posts we’ve put up over the years? Kind of like those, only even better, and in the form of ear candy plus a daily email you’ll be able to sign up for in a few weeks. It will aim to help people evolve their relationship to exercise, from seeing it as (mostly) a chore to seeing it as (mostly) a treat, a gift to self.

As we begin the early stages of production, we’d love your help, in your own voice — or rather, your own voice memo, recorded on your iphone, if you have one. Please check out the questions below, and if any of them speak to you, please consider recording yourself as you answer them, and sending the recording to me at (Instructions below.)

• What is your name, with spelling, and age?

• If your forms of exercise feel good to you, how? Please try to describe it.

• What do you like to do for exercise/activity and why?

• Do you find it affects your mood? How?

• If you love strength training or weights, can you describe why? Continue reading