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Op-Ed: A Few Things You May Not Know About The Senate Opioid Bill

By State Sen. John Keenan, of Quincy 

In the midst of an opioid addiction crisis that has claimed over 1,200 deaths in 2014 and thousands more in the preceding decade, the state Senate has passed a bill intended to help prevent opioid addiction. There’s more to it than most have realized.

You’ve probably read about the proposed expansion of so-called Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) programs in public schools — a proposal initially deemed controversial, with people believing it involved blood samples and lab testing. Even my mother called to report her concerns, and conveyed that my 88-year-old aunt was also opposed. For the record, the Senate bill does not include any drug testing. It does include a verbal survey and assessment, of students, to gain a better understanding of trends and risks among youth.

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