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Most Teens Get Sex Ed; But Many Don’t Hear About Birth Control

Here’s a kind of a good-news, bad-news report (or bad-news, good-news if your political orientation is on the religious right) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: most kids receive some sort of formal sex education before they’re 18 — about 96 percent of girls and 97 percent of boys. But it appears that about one-third of these teenagers get absolutely no guidance on birth control, with boys left in the dark even more than girls (62 percent of males vs. 70 percent of females get instruction on methods of birth control, the CDC says.)

New data from the CDC on sex education in the U.S.

Indeed, the report states: “A larger percentage of teenagers reported receiving formal sex education on “how to say no to sex” (81% of male and 87% female teenagers) than reported receiving formal sex education on methods of birth control.”

Hmm, I wonder who controls the curriculum?