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Center For Compassionate Care Gets $500K Grant To Broaden Reach

(Schwartz Center For Compassionate Healthcare)

The Schwartz Center For Compassionate Healthcare, the Boston non-profit that seeks to strengthen and humanize the relationship between patients and health care providers, announced it has received a $500,000 grant from the Amgen Foundationwhich will go toward “the planned expansion of Schwartz Center Rounds® and to support the launch of a National Consensus Project.”

Here’s part of the news release:

These initiatives aim to make compassionate, patient-centered care a national healthcare priority. The Schwartz Center Rounds allow caregivers from multiple disciplines to come together on a regular basis to discuss the most challenging emotional and social issues they face in caring for patients. The National Consensus Project will convene a broad range of stakeholders to define compassionate care, develop best practices to ensure that this type of care is provided, and develop a plan to implement these core principles and best practices.

“This grant, the largest in our history, will make it possible for us to double the number of Rounds sites overall in California and the Washington, D.C. area and to expand the program to additional cancer centers throughout the United States,” said Julie Rosen, executive director, Schwartz Center. “It will also allow us to launch our National Consensus Project to ensure that all patients receive compassionate care – something that is particularly important now as our healthcare system is changing and providers are under such intense pressure to reduce costs, while improving quality.” Continue reading