Mass. ‘Connector’ Chief Decries Prospect of Health Law Repeal

Connector chief Glen Shor

In his monthly message, just out today, the director of “The Connector” says that repealing federal health reform would be a “costly mistake,” bad for Massachusetts and even worse for other states.

Glen Shor, who runs the “Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority Board” — the independent state agency that acts as an insurance broker of sorts in the post-health-care-reform era here in Massachusetts — writes:

Although repeal of national reform would not undo any of the provisions of our landmark 2006 Massachusetts law, it would have many downsides for our state.

First off, it would deprive Massachusetts’ residents and employers of a number of immediate benefits of national reform. Tax credits for small businesses would be repealed. We all know that small employers have been struggling with the cost of health insurance for their employees and need and deserve a helping hand. Senior citizens who find themselves in the donut hole will not get promised assistance with prescription drug costs. A provision in the new law that does away with co-pays for preventive care would be cancelled. New funding for community health centers would disappear. And the expanded protections allowing more young adults to remain on their parents’ health plans until the age of 26 would likewise be terminated. Continue reading