Study: Nurses, Docs Rule Top 10 List For Coffee Drinkers

Need coffee?

Need coffee? Medical providers top the list of workers most dependent on caffeine.

I can’t vouch for the methodology of this “research” (paid for by Dunkin’ Donuts) seeking to establish which professions guzzle the most coffee, but it does seem intuitively accurate: medical providers crave the most caffeine, while government workers drag at the bottom of the pack.

Here’s the ranking of workers most dependent on coffee, published on WebMd:

1. Nurses

2. Physicians

3. Hotel workers

4. Designers/architects

5. Financial/Insurance sales representatives

6. Food preparers

7. Engineers

8. Teachers

9. Marketing/Public relations professionals

10. Scientists

11. Machine operators

12. Government workers

Researchers found workers in the Northeast were the most dependent on coffee, with 48% saying they were less productive without it compared with a low of 34% of workers in the Midwest that said the same.