Top 10 Now Top 16 Reasons Doctors Over-Order

Commenters sent in some wonderful additions to our Top 10 Reasons Why Doctors Over-Order:

11: Double-ordering. In the age of collaborative medicine, patients are often transferred from service to service, floor to floor, hospital to hospital. Their records are supposed to follow them… but do not always arrive swiftly, easily, or in a convienent format. Masses of rubber-banded paper; bulky X-ray films; software incompatabilities… the number of ways one doctor’s test result can fail to reach the next in the chain is endless. And sometimes, doctors even know that their colleagues have ordered a test…. and re-order it anyway, because it’s easier to do the test over than find the result in the mountain of records.

12 and 13: You don’t trust the lab results from a different facility and redo it at yours. And it is part of a templated set of orders and it’s just ordered along with the rest of the orders. Continue reading