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Why To Exercise Today: Olga Kotelko, 91-Year-Old Long-Jumper

A 10K runner in Brazil

I know, I know, we already had basketball-player Abe Gold, but he was only 79. Olga Kotelko, who was profiled in The New York Times magazine this weekend, is 91, and setting world records for her age group in track. And here’s the best part: She was never much of an athlete in her youth. There’s hope for all of us…

While most younger masters athletes were jocks in college if not before, many competitors in the higher brackets — say, older than age 70 — have come to the game late. They weren’t athletes earlier in life because of the demands of career and their own growing families. Only after their duties cleared could they tend that other fire. That’s Kotelko’s story, too.