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Those Pernicious French Fries, And Other Weight-Gain Wisdom

The New England Journal of Medicine study came out last week, but we continue to, shall we say, digest it. We linked to this Los Angeles Times story Friday, but just got word of the above helpful L.A. Times chart today. And the Boston Globe’s g section sums up the findings nicely here; it, too, fingers the spuds:

Potato chips. Increasing consumption of potato chips was the single biggest factor associated with weight gain through the years. For every extra daily serving that study participants ate, their weight increased by nearly 1.7 pounds over each four-year period in the study.

Other potato products. Everything from baked potatoes, to mashed potatoes, to French fries contributed to weight gain, an average of nearly 1.3 pounds over four years.

It also offers a lively Deb Kotz piece about how wearing a pedometer helps Blue Cross Blue Shield chief Andrew Dreyfus — and many others — get moving.