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The Mysteries Of Medical Billing Codes Revealed

(Alex E. Proimos/flickr)

Do yourself a favor and read this helpful post on Healthcare Savvy about decoding medical billing codes written by Susan Mathisen. Here’s a chunk:

…medical coding is a locked answer booklet, oftentimes only decipherable by health care professionals and those within the medical coding profession. That’s because the American Medical Association (AMA) keeps a tight lid on what these codes mean, mostly so that they can keep their billing practices under wraps, but also to make money. But what can you do about this as a patient? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit. Let’s find out how you can figure out what your medical coding means.

What Is The Most Common Medical Coding?

Chances are the medical coding you’re seeing on your documentation is the Current Procedural Terminology, or the CPT for short. These medical coding numbers are assigned to each and every task, service, treatment or health care plan that a doctor provides for their patient (with the exception of those covered by Medicare). This includes:

Medical diagnosis
Surgical procedures
Diagnostic services
And just about everything else a doctor provides Continue reading