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Not Just One But 101 Reasons To Exercise Today

We’ve been giving you sips of exercise motivation with one reason a day, but if you want The Big Gulp, check out this ultra-inspiring poster from www.healthylearning.com. They’ve got an appealing online catalog of all kinds of exercise-related materials, and when they offered to send me a free copy of the “101 Reasons to Exercise” poster, I shamelessly agreed. Just wanted you to know. We’ll continue pulling exercise inspiration from all different sources, including  more local experts, but it will be nice to have such a powerful concentration up on the office wall…

In case you can’t find your magnifying glass, here are a few of the entries from above:

1. Helps you to more effectively manage stress.

26, Helps to overcome jet lag.

49: Reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.

50, Helps to combat substance abuse.

78. Reduces your likelihood of developing low-back problems.