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It’s About Health. And Journalism. So Maybe We Got A Little Carried Away


So okay, we got a little excited about the “Knight News Challenge: Health.” The Knight Foundation lives up to its name: it’s a white knight with plump pockets amid the imploding field of journalism. And its latest “news challenge” — what other parts of the grant-giving world would call a Request for Proposals — was exactly up our alley. It asked: “How can we harness data and information for the health of communities?”

So WBUR is participating in some way in — ahem — several proposals, and we share them here both as shameless self-promotion (you can offer feedback and hit the “applaud” button if so moved) and as examples of the cornucopia of cool ideas the challenge has elicited. More on some of those other proposals as well, below. The feedback period ends in three days.

Check out all all 651 challenge entries yourself here. They range hugely; from apps to maps to platforms to even (so retro!) newspapers. And conveniently, the challenge asks entrants to sum up their idea in just one sentence, included below.

Entries with WBUR participation:

Big Data to Big Story: Data-mining 5 million health records to reveal the long-term effects of drugs and other treatments for typical patients delivered to the public in a meaningful and actionable format.

Big Data to Big Story leverages academic medicine’s foremost health-record data-mining tool to allow the public to gain critical, previously unavailable answers about medical treatments and their outcomes.

SharingClinic (From CommonHealth contributor Dr. Annie Brewster)

SharingClinic is an inviting, private “sharing and listening” booth located within the hospital, designed to facilitate the exchange of illness narratives and to make the experience of illness less isolating. Much More Than A Website is the central component of a multimedia accessible, ideology-free Campaign for improvement of personal and community health confidence.

Mapping Local Health Care Prices: A Crowdsourcing Consortium

We are a consortium of news outlets building tools and a process to create crowdsourced, customized databases of health prices, focused on our locations and with an eye to national possibilities.

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