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How Safe Is Your Hospital? In Latest Grades, Mass. Gets Many A’s

Boston Medical Center (Wikimedia Commons)

Boston Medical Center (Wikimedia Commons)

More hospitals in Massachusetts earned an “A” for safety than any other state except Maine, according to Leapfrog, a national nonprofit rating group founded by employers.

Leapfrog grades hospitals annually based on their rate of errors, accidents and injuries.

Seventy-six percent of hospitals in Massachusetts earned an “A” this year, but Leapfrog President Leah Binder says progress for all hospitals in almost every safety measure is still too slow.

“When we look at the absolute averages for hospitals, not just in Massachusetts, but nationally, for each of the 26 measures, we have not seen significant improvement,” Binder said. Hospitals were graded on 28 safety measures this year after Leapfrog added two more.

No hospitals in Massachusetts received a “D” or an “F.”

Across the border, New Hampshire has the fifth-lowest percentage of hospitals with a Leapfrog “A” in the country.

Here’s the full report card for Massachusetts (click to enlarge) and below it, a response from the Massachusetts Hospital Association: Continue reading