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Atrius Chief Calls For Speed On Health Reform

Atrius chief Dr. Gene Lindsey (courtesy of Atrius)

You know how when microwave popcorn begins to reach kernel-blowing heat, first you hear a few isolated pops and then they turn into rapid-fire, machine-gun-speed explosions? That’s the dynamic we can expect for the debate about the next, cost-cutting phase of Massachusetts health reform — and right now we’re in the isolated-pop stage. With the legislature expected to unveil its blueprints for cost-cutting very soon, we’re just starting to hear those first few pops of views, opinions, reactions.

Dr. Gene Lindsey, the chief of Atrius health, the state’s largest physician group, is just out in The Boston Globe (well, okay, yesterday but I somehow missed it at first) with an op-ed piece titled “Payment reform is working in Massachusetts.” It ends:

Governor Patrick wants us to move even faster. He delivered his draft legislation on payment reform in February 2011. Now, the Legislature is about release its proposed bill. What we really need from the Legislature now is the support to move forward with speed to implement changes so that patients and employers can begin to see a difference both in the care that is delivered and in the invoice that follows. Continue reading