health care shoppers


Calling All Health Care Shoppers: We Want You

Martha wants to create a new community of health care shoppers

Martha Bebinger at WBUR is looking for a small group of “frequent user” patients who shop for, or want to start shopping for, health care. Martha plans to follow these patients for six to 12 months and write stories for the web and on the radio based on their experiences.

Patients in this group would:

1. Receive health care at least once a month (see a doctor, have a test or be admitted to the hospital) for the next six months

2. Be ready to talk to their doctor, lab or the hospital about how much things cost

3. Be interested in reviewing price and quality information for hospitals and making choices based on this information

4. Be comfortable writing about their experiences on Facebook. These patients would be part of a Facebook group and would only share initial posts with each other. Martha would discuss, with each patient, what they are willing to share online and on the air.

If you are interested, please send a note to or post a comment or question here.