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Reuters: Controversial GMO Measure May Be Killed By Big Food

A controversial question on the California ballot may have a major impact on the foods you eat — no matter what state you live in. The question, known as Proposition 37, is whether labeling should be required on foods that have been genetically modified.

While the measure appeared to have solid support as recently as last month, opposition by big food companies may kill the proposal, Reuters reports. If passed, it would be the first such law in the nation.

(Timothy Valentine/flickr)

Still, as goes California, so goes the nation so it’s worth considering:

Major food and seed companies appear to be on the verge of defeating a California ballot initiative that, if passed on Tuesday, would create the first labeling requirement for genetically modified foods in the United States.

In a campaign reminiscent of this summer’s successful fight against a proposed tobacco tax in California, opposition funded by Monsanto Co, DuPont, PepsiCo Inc and others unleashed waves of TV and radio advertisements against Proposition 37 and managed to turn the tide of public opinion. Continue reading