Study: Elusive G-Spot Identified On Cadaver, But Controversy Remains

(wikimedia commons)

A controversial Florida researcher says he’s identified the ever-elusive G-spot on an 83-year-old cadaver. The G-spot (for Grafenberg) is, of course, the part of a woman’s anatomy that when stimulated is supposed to lead to more powerful sexual arousal and orgasms. Its existence has long been up for debate.

But wait. The researcher behind all this, cosmetic gynecologist Adam Ostrzenski, has some baggage of his own, according to numerous reports.

Here, for instance is some major debunking in Scientific American by blogger Ricki Lewis who suggests the doctor is slightly confused:

The discovery of the G-spot in a lone elderly corpse and the lack of information on just what Dr. O dissected are obvious limitations of the paper in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a peer-reviewed publication from Wiley. Less obvious is trouble with a different G – the guanine in genes. Continue reading