Daily Rounds: Blood Test For Brain Injury; Lying CEO’s; Female Viagra Trial Stopped; Faith For Health? Partying With Caritas, Obama

Army finds simple blood test to identify mild brain trauma – “The Army says it has discovered a simple blood test that can diagnose mild traumatic brain damage or concussion, a hard-to-detect injury that can affect young athletes, infants with "shaken baby syndrome" and combat troops.” (USA Today)

How To Tell When A CEO Is Lying : NPR The researchers say “lying executives tend to overuse words like "we" and "our team" when they talk about their company. They avoid saying "I."’ (

Medical News: Company Halts 'Female Viagra' Development – in Product Alert, Prescriptions from MedPage Today “The German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim announced it is halting development of flibanserin (Girosa), a pill to treat female hypoactive sexual-desire disorder. The decision to stop development of the drug dubbed "female Viagra" or "pink Viagra" follows.. an FDA advisory committee (meeting) during which the panel voted 9 to 2 that flibanserin doesn't seem to work any better at increasing female sexual desire than placebo.” (

Healing faith? – The Boston Globe “Women who read Scripture passages and prayed together during their classes — and set goals for themselves — walked farther and potentially had lower blood pressure than women whose sessions didn’t emphasize faith.” (Boston Globe)

Caritas CEO hosting fund-raiser with Barack Obama – “Though several Democrats said de la Torre has shown little interest in the party, he is a friend of DSCC chairman and New Jersey senator Bob Menendez, with whom he shares Cuban roots. He has also been a public advocate of national health care reform.” (Boston Herald)

Daily Rounds: Caritas Sale Close; Health Care Industry Cozy With GOP; Parents Key In Anorexia Recovery; Death On The Weekend; Sex In America

Deal near on terms for Caritas sale to Cerberus – The Boston Globe “With state regulators preparing to rule soon on the proposed sale to Cerberus Capital Management, the parties have been locked in frantic negotiations in recent weeks. The talks intensified after Caritas discovered an additional $45 million shortfall in its unfunded pension liability and critics of the deal pressed for the New York firm to be held to stringent conditions.” (Boston Globe)

Health industry bolts Dems for GOP – Sarah Kliff – “A new portrait of the health industry landscape has begun to take shape, with some of those major players [insurers, health professionals, drug makers] shifting their dollars [away] from the very Democrats who passed the law they seemingly endorsed at the White House.” (The Politico)

Parental Role Aids Anorexia Recovery – “In the strongest evidence to date to suggest families should be involved in treatment, a 121-patient study published Monday found that a therapy in which parents remain present at each meal until an anorexic child eats appears to be more effective in fostering recovery than when a child works solely with a therapist.” (Wall Street Journal)

Heath Care's Lost Weekend — Former OMB Chief Peter Orszag writes: “One study in 2007 found, for example, that for every 1,000 patients suffering heart attacks who were admitted to a hospital on a weekend, there were 9 to 10 more deaths than in a comparable group of patients admitted on a weekday. The weekend patients were less likely to quickly receive the invasive procedures they needed — like coronary artery bypass grafts or cardiac catheterization.” (The New York Times)

Condom Use Is Highest Among Teenagers, Study Finds – (The New York Times) “A vast majority of sexually active 14- to 17-year-olds — 80 percent of boys and 69 percent of girls — said they had used a condom the last time they had intercourse, compared with well under half of adults involved in casual liaisons.” Other findings include this: “While most men said they had experienced orgasm the last time they had sex, and 85 percent believed their partner had also, only two-thirds of the women surveyed said they had achieved orgasm the last time they had sex. And a startling number of women — almost one-third — said they had experienced pain the last time they had sex (only 5 percent of men did).”