Why To Exercise Today: Fight Dementia, And Look Like This at 72

The BBC has an intriguing report out of Liverpool today, from a home for people with dementia where those in the “middle phases” of degeneration lift moderate weights and do gentle exercise. Researchers are still assessing the impact of the exercise, but the home’s owner, Anne McCann, says positive effects are clear:

“We’ve had a reduced number of falls and we find if people are falling that they’re not falling and breaking limbs – they’ll put their hands out, they’ll save themselves, they’ll know how to fall – not only for the men but for the ladies as well.

“We’ve had reduced medication, we’ve had lots of people taken off anti-psychotic medication from using the equipment and we find the sense of well-being all round is an enhancement.”

But how can words, even clipped BBC words, compare to this YouTube picture of a ripped 72-year-old? Hat-tip to Anna Rubin for pointing it out: