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A Website That Asks, “How Are You?” To Improve Your Health

As we say in Boston, “Howaya?” Really, how’s your health? It’s not as simple a question as it sounds.

If you go to howsyourhealth.org and take its free survey, you may find yourself thinking about your health in new and different ways. How much has my health hindered my work life lately? My daily activities? How much has my emotional state kept me from doing things? How much confidence do I have that I can handle my health?

Howsyourhealth.org came up today in a talk by its developer, Dr. John Wasson of Dartmouth Medical School, in Boston. His presentation was part of a conference called “Patient Empowerment: More Than A Slogan,” sponsored by Suffolk Law School and the patient-oriented groups Health Care For All and the Massachusetts Campaign For Better Care.

Here’s how a health survey like howsyourhealth.org can work, Dr. Wasson said:

Your doctor calls a couple of weeks before your appointment and says, “You’re coming in to see me, would you mind going on-line and completing a health assessment? You can email it to me, or bring it in, or not do anything, but I’d like you to do it because it will help you and me get on the same page.” Continue reading