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Gay In America: High School’s Bad But It Gets Better, Says Sex Columnist Dan Savage

A college freshman jumps off the George Washington Bridge after being videotaped having a gay sexual encounter. A Bronx man, suspected of being gay, is tortured by a gang of young men who use box cutters, a plunger handle, burning cigarettes and a baseball bat on their victim.

Enough, says Dan Savage, author, sex columnist, father and wise observer of life. He and his partner Terry started a site called, “It Gets Better,” to share stories about growing up gay, to tell others how they too were tormented as kids, and to talk about how it gets better. Sometimes, it even gets better the very day high school ends.

Mr. Savage speaks to Here and Now’s Robin Young about the It Gets Better project and offers a powerful message to gay kids who are suffering, isolated and feeling hopeless.