Clayten Christensen


Must-Read: Harvard Business Guru’s Own Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke Shape His Views

Forbes Magazine has just posted here a deeply personal, multi-faceted feature on Clayton Christensen, the renowned Harvard Business School professor and co-author of “The Innovator’s Prescription,” a 2009 book on what is wrong with the health care system and how to fix it.

The Forbes piece includes his own struggles with diabetes, cancer and a recent stroke, as well as the deep religious beliefs that permeate his life. Accordiing to Forbes writer David Whelan:

Christensen’s work took on new urgency the past few years as he suffered a heart attack followed by cancer followed by a stroke. For Christensen it was not a reason to get too upset. It was another opportunity, in a lifetime full of them, to gain insight into how to make the world work better. Because of his July stroke it took a long time for Christensen to be ready to sit down with FORBES. He was in intensive speech therapy, eight hours a day at the beginning. But he graciously agreed to tell his inspiring story in January, the same month he went back to teaching.