Note To Chickens: Relax, a Stress-Free Death Awaits You

A better death for chickens?

Chickens have high-stress lives, writes WIlliam Neuman in The New York Times today. But, thanks to activist authors like Michael Pollan, Jonathan Safran Foer, and the general locavore, animal rights zeitgeist of the day, help is on the way:

Two premium chicken producers, Bell & Evans in Pennsylvania and Mary’s Chickens in California, are preparing to switch to a system of killing their birds that they consider more humane. The new system uses carbon dioxide gas to gently render the birds unconscious before they are hung by their feet to have their throats slit, sparing them the potential suffering associated with conventional slaughter methods.

“When you grab a chicken, turn it upside down and put it on the line, it’s stress, stress, stress,” said Scott Sechler, the owner of Bell & Evans. “Our system is designed so that we put them to sleep without stress and we kill them without stress.”