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Dorchester Reporter On Strategic Plan For Carney Hospital

The Dorchester Reporter gets its hands on documents detailing the strategic plan for Steward Health Care System’s Carney Hospital, following the abrupt departure of its president Bill Walczak under murky circumstances after only 14 months at the helm. (Steward intitially said Walczak resigned; Walczak told The Globe he didn’t resign.)

The Reporter notes that on Monday Carney’s new president and CEO Andrew Davis, a former health care executive in North Carolina, “was introduced to the Dorchester Avenue hospital’s board at a private meeting.” The story continues:

Before he left, Walczak was mapping out the immediate future of the hospital. A document obtained by the Reporter that was billed as the strategic plan for 2012 to 2015 stated, “The Carney Hospital is at a critical juncture at which it must now reestablish itself as a premier health care institution in Dorchester, or continue to slide toward obsolescence.” Continue reading

New President of Carney Hospital: Codman Square Health Center’s Bill Walczak

Bill Walczak

For 36 years, Bill Walczak has done the same thing: run Dorchester’s Codman Square Health Center, renowned these days as one of the most innovative health centers in the country.

Now, at 56, he’s making a daringly major change. He has accepted a job as president of Carney Hospital, which is in the same part of town but, shall we say, does not enjoy the same sort of renown. Carney is part of the Caritas Christi hospital chain, which was recently bought by a private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management.

Listen to Bill talk about his decision, and his plans, with Sacha Pfeiffer on WBUR’s All Things Considered today between 6 and 6:30 p.m.

A brief preview: Bill says nothing could have dragged him away from Codman Square except the chance to help another Dorchester institution, and that he plans to reconnect the Carney to the community health centers in Dorchester. He wants the Carney to “reestablish itself in the Dorchester community as the essential community institution it is.”

Stay tuned not just tonight but in coming weeks. How will Bill Walczak try to turn the Carney around???