BrainGate After 1,000 Days: Paralyzed Woman Controls Computer With Her Thoughts

BrainGate: One Thousand Days With a Brain Implant

The developers of BrainGate, an implanted brain computer, report a significant milestone: a paralyzed woman, who has had the implant for 1,000 days, was able to accurately control a computer cursor with her thoughts, according to a report published online today in the Journal of Neural Engineering

“This proof of concept — that after 1,000 days a woman who has no functional use of her limbs and is unable to speak can reliably control a cursor on a computer screen using only the intended movement of her hand — is an important step for the field,” said Dr. Leigh Hochberg, a Brown engineering associate professor, VA rehabilitation researcher, visiting associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, and director of the BrainGate pilot clinical trial at MGH.

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