Bill Gates


Why Bill Gates Wants A Condom That Actually Feels Good

It’s rare to see the words “Bill Gates” “condom” and “enhance pleasure” in the same sentence but that’s precisely the gist of the latest global health challenge by the tech billionaire’s charitable foundation.

Indeed, the Gates Foundation’s latest public health quest is truly inspired: $100,000 to anyone who can invent the “next generation condom,” one that actually feels groovy and might even “enhance pleasure.” Here are the specifics, from the Foundation’s web site:

Condoms have been in use for about 400 years yet they have undergone very little technological improvement in the past 50 years. The primary improvement has been the use of latex as the primary material and quality control measures which allow for quality testing of each individual condom. Material science and our understanding of neurobiology has undergone revolutionary transformation in the last decade yet that knowledge has not been applied to improve the product attributes of one of the most ubiquitous and potentially underutilized products on earth. New concept designs with new materials can be prototyped and tested quickly. Large-scale human clinical trials are not required. Manufacturing capacity, marketing, and distribution channels are already in place.

We are looking for a Next Generation Condom that significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use. Continue reading