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The Best Of CommonHealth: Our Top Picks From 2012


Happy new year. As we look back on 2012, we see that CommonHealth’s top posts of the year dealt with topics that have emerged as the emotional core of this blog: taking care of ourselves and our families.

Most Popular:

Flunking The Insanity Workout But Coming Away Wiser
When The Doctor Says It Won’t Hurt And, Incredibly, It Doesn’t
On Being Gay In Medicine: A Leading Harvard Pediatrician’s Story

Carey’s piece (and our number one traffic generator) “Flunking the Insanity Workout But Coming Away Wiser” offered an excellent morsel of fitness insight: even though the wildly popular tough-love exercise program was “wrong, wrong, wrong for me,” as she wrote, “fitness experiments that fail can still add valuable elements to our exercise repertoire….being pushed by somebody else — even an unseeing coach on a DVD — is a helpful reminder that we can probably try harder, if we choose.” (And exercise is not only about hard work, as she writes later in 10 Joys Of Weight Machines: Sex, Anger, Bacon And More.)

Our number two post, traffic-wise, recalled the story of Julia, Rachel’s 7-year-old daughter, who was rushed to the emergency room needing stitches after an accident. But the real story was about the wise, profoundly child-friendly doctor who treated Julia. The piece, “When The Doctor Says It Won’t Hurt And, Incredibly, It Doesn’t,” underscored the extraordinary compassion of Julia’s doctor and the techniques he’s honed over years to minimize children’s pain and ease parents’ anxiety during medical emergencies. Continue reading