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BBC: Body Hair Helps Fend Off Bed Bugs

All these years of shaving or waxing or bleaching or plucking — wouldn’t it be nice to think that unwanted body hair might actually serve some purpose?

The BBC headline today is “Hairy Limbs Keep Bed Bugs At Bay,” and it cites a Sheffield University study published in the journal Biology Letters. “Hungry bugs placed on shaved arms were more likely to try to feed compared with those on unshaved arms,” it reports; and, “Researchers say the hair slows down the bed bugs and warns the victim.”

So the more hair, the better, right? (Which would also suggest that we brunettes tend to be more favored by evolution than blondes, would it not?) Not so fast, says Sheffield Prof. Michael Siva-Jothy.

The BBC reports:

However, even though men are naturally hairier than women, they do not appear to be bitten less often. Continue reading