Ann Romney


Slate: Get Ready For Ladies Night At The RNC

Ann Romney (Gage Skidmore/flickr)

It’s girls night in Tampa, with Ann Romney, among others, slated to deliver a heart-tugging speech about the family’s struggles, notably hers with breast cancer and MS. (A Romney staffer calls the speech “amazing,” according to one account.)

Here’s Slate’s partial rundown of the GOP women scheduled to take the stage this evening:

It’s ladies’ night at the Republican National Convention, as Jezebel points out—nearly half of tonight’s many, many speakers will be women. We’ll hear from Cathy McMorris Rodgers, [a House Republican from Washington]… and a politician so womanly she has babies while in office. Utah congressional candidate Mia Love has a speech about “The America I Know” and an accompanying video. Ann Romney will speak so Alyssa can ignore her. Hispanic industrial upholstery mogul Sher Valenzuela, who wants to be lieutenant governor in Delaware, will give a speech on the night’s theme of “We Built This,” which is a little awkward because her company has accepted $17 million in government loans and contracts. Governors Nikki Haley and Mary Fallin will speak, and that’s not the whole list.

So how badly is the GOP doing with womenfolk, who happen to comprise a majority of voters? Pretty badly. Again, most voters are women. Registered women who lean toward a candidate favor Obama by 10 points in a recent CBS poll, and a poll of single women favors Obama 72 percent to 26 percent. No wonder Republicans want us all to get married.