Drug Alerts At Your Fingertips

There’s a new little Rx button on my iPhone screen.

True, I didn’t really need to know that the FDA has issued an alert on “Mr. Magic Male Enhancer” for having an “undeclared drug ingredient.” (I’m shocked, shocked!)

But I downloaded this new free app — MedWatcher — from Children’s Hospital Boston researchers because it promises to make it easier than ever to check the safety records for just about any drug anybody in my family may take. And it lets me report any bad side effects to the FDA in a few minutes (I got slightly stuck a couple of times when I tried it out, but I’m missing the gene for technological intuition.)

Now, not that you’ll ever catch me parroting the uber-hip gurus of “social networking,” but here’s my favorite part of MedWatcher: I don’t have to wait for official FDA reports. When people punch in their own side effects, I’ll be able to see them — as anonymous reports — on MedWatcher.
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