Mass. Medical Society Opposes Measures On Pot And Assisted Suicide

medical marijuana sign

(Photo: Laurie Avocado via Wikimedia Commons)

This just in from the Massachusetts Medical Society:

The Massachusetts Medical Society, the statewide professional association of physicians with more than 24,000 members, today officially declared its opposition to the November ballot questions on physician-assisted suicide and medical marijuana.

“These are important health care questions for the state,” said Richard Aghababian, M.D., the Society’s president, “and patients deserve to know what we think and where we stand on these issues.”

Dr. Aghababian said the Society’s positions on Question 2, Prescribing Medication to End Life, and on Question 3, Medical Use of Marijuana, are consistent with the organization’s long-standing policies against physician-assisted suicide and the use of marijuana as medicine, as voted by member physicians of the organization’s House of Delegates.

He said the Society has prepared printed and online materials on both questions stating the reasons behind its opposition and is making those materials available to physicians and patients.

The society has posted its materials on suicide here and on marijuana here. And I see they’re using the hashtag #question2 on Twitter.

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