HuffPost: Hundreds of Genital Injuries, Hidden Toll Of Afghanistan

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Huffington Post describes here a toll of Afghanistan combat that I’ve never heard mentioned before — hundreds of horrible genital injuries. Of course it stands to reason that IED’s blasting upward would cause such harm, but it surely took special courage by the young men featured in the story to talk about it and its unimaginably difficult emotional aftermath. From the HuffPost:

The decade of U.S. combat in Afghanistan has left Afghans and Americans with a seemingly endless series of woes. But among the most devastating are the blast wounds that have left more than 16,000 young Americans severely wounded.

Several hundred have suffered genital injuries in addition to amputations and burns, leaving them unable to father children and struggling to engage in something resembling the sex they used to have, often without the aid of what many view as the primary symbol of their manhood.

“Who’s going to want to be with me now?” wondered Marine Staff Sgt. Glen Silva, 39, after an IED blast shattered his leg, ripped open his lower torso and severed most of his penis.

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